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Connect Groups

As we grow larger at Grace we have to grow smaller, and this is how

What is a Connect Group?

Here at Grace Fellowship our Connect Groups are our small group model. We have designed this model with one thing in mind, your spiritual growth within community.

At Grace two our core values are, "We can't do life alone," and "Growing People Change." And we believe that Connect Groups are the best way for these two values to be lived out throughout the week.

Our Structure

This may be a little different than what you might be used to. Traditionally small groups would meet with no end date in mind or had no desire to split for good reasons. Not that meeting for many years is a bad thing but we want everyone to feel like they can switch groups and learn different material based on their season of life and what God is leading them in.

So, what is new about our set up?

We will have three semesters throughout the year where Connect Groups will be in full swing. January - March, May - July, and September - November. These groups will meet at different frequency's over those three months leaving one month for a break and allowing new people to sign up.

Connect Group Hosts

Interested in Hosting a Connect Group? Well we want you to if you're ready! Think of this role as more of you hosting a gathering of people rather than leading a bible study.