About Us

Who we are, what to expect, core values, our beliefs and our staff

Who we are

We started in a living room in the Fall of 1992 in DeMotte, IN. A group of believers seeking what was next in their faith journey together. 

A few weeks later, having outgrown the living room we moved to the local ambulance house. 

Quickly outgrowing that space we settled into the Elementary School Gymnasium. And for the next six years we continued to experience both numerical and spiritual growth. 

For the past twenty years the corner of 700 W and 8th Street SE has been home to what is called Grace Fellowship. Over the past quarter century this group of Jesus followers has been reaching out to the communities of DeMotte, Wheatfield, Hebron, Roselawn and Rensselear and all communities in between.  

We have deepened our passion for children and students, developed an intentional effort to provide hope and healing for those struggling with addiction and codependency and captured the global vision to build the kingdom around the world. Whether it’s teaching a child that Jesus loves them, counseling a teenager who’s confused and frustrated, praying for an adult whose hurting or struggling or traveling across cultural barriers to share the gospel we know God has put us in this community to help people connect to God, His church and His world. 

It’s been an overwhelming journey that has no end in sight. The best is truly yet to come.

What to Expect

Core Values

Our Beliefs